Bloodline Piercing Studio

About our Piercings

Our Piercing Studio is owned by Bianca Swarts and it is situated in Sasolburg. Bianca acts with top professionalism and always provides her clients with the best service possible. Her studio situated at 5 Ruhr Street, Sasolburg provides a safe and sterile environment for her clients with an accomodating atmosphere. 

She has been in the industry for over 6 years with more happy clients then areas to pierce.  She is not just known for her piercing abilities but the help she provides with the aftercare as well. 

She can provide the following piercings just to name a few:-

  • All body piercings (belly ring, nipple rings, dermals ect)
  • All facial piercings (nose, eyebrow, septum, lip piercings, monroe's, smiley ect)
  • All ear piercings
  • Private piercings (LADIES EXCLUSIVELY)

Some of our jewelery

Check out her nice assortment of jewelery with a wide variety of colors for all your piercing needs.

Jan Strydom